Zada's first and second year at NHTV

‘Hello everyone! My name is Zada and I am from Hong Kong. I am studying International Tourism Management. In the first year, it was pretty interesting to learn the essentials of different subjects, such as accounting, tourism, marketing, project management, communication skills, and so on. I have to say the workload is quite heavy, but if you can keep up the pace, it shouldn't be a problem.

Besides the hard work, we went to Amsterdam and Zeeland for a field trip. In Zeeland we went on excursion to Deltapark Neeltje Jans with its impressive storm surge barrier. In Amsterdam it was great to see and learn about city planning and development. There is also a field trip in the 2nd semester. I went to Germany where we learnt about the city schemes, which was also very interesting.

The style of learning is theory first, then practice (which is also the case in the 2nd year). Class sizes can vary greatly; from 20 to 10! In my First year, there were a lot of Dutch students and 5 international students (German, Hungarian, Swiss). Sometimes a lot of Dutch students are together in one class, then the other class has a lot of international students. Make sure you make friends all around, they can be helpful sometimes! For me it was hard to get used to the student lifestyle at first, because it was really flexible and not rigid at all; totally different from secondary school! My friends from school helped me to be independent and I enjoy living here.’

Zada Fan
Student International Tourism Management

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