Year 1

The first year will centre around three themes: the travel industry, the recreation sector, and tourism destinations. The year is constructed of twelve modules which make up the core of the study programme. You will work on real-life industry cases, linked to basic subjects such as online and offline marketing, e-business, financial management, and consumer behaviour. Several city and company visits will be part of these course modules, and you will go on a study trip. In addition to these courses, you will attend language classes. You will take English and one other modern language course. The options are French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Foreign students are advised to attend Dutch classes. Depending on your prior knowledge and the number of participants, you can enter the programme at different levels. Throughout the entire year you will enhance your personal and professional skills. For this purpose, workshops will be organised and you will have individual talks with your coach, who will supervise your progress.

Year 2

How were Zada's first & second years?

Zada came all the way from Hong Kong to Breda, to study at NHTV.

Read all about her classes, excursions and student life.