Year 2

The second year is constructed of 12 course modules: 6 general modules and 6 course modules which relate specifically to the specialisation area (track) you have chose to explore. The general modules are:

  • Online Consumer Behaviour 2
  • Change Management
  • Smart Organisation
  • Experience Design 2
  • Online Marketing & Communication 2
  • Finance & Feasibility

More information about the specific course modules can be found in the detailed information of the four tracks.

You can choose one of the four tracks according to your interest:

Travel Industry

The international travel industry is continually ‘on the move’ because of online developments, changing consumer behaviour and increasing competition. It is essential to continually focus on holiday-makers and travellers of the future to understand how the national and international consumer acts, and learn more about their wishes and needs. Therefore, it is important to spot trends and developments in the travel industry and keep innovating. You will be taught how you can develop innovative services and travel products by being creative and using new media and technology to deliver an optimal travel experience to modern consumers.

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Recreation & Hospitality

Present-day guests are looking for original and authentic experiences, appreciate comfort, and take top service for granted. How do you, as a manager in the recreational hospitality industry, satisfy these needs? How do you make your guests feel good about your company, ensuring that they come back repeatedly? You will learn how to accomplish all this, acting as an enterprising and innovative manager. You will be responsible for arranging qualified staff who have a guest-centric and service-oriented mindset. You will be capable of creating a pleasant and safe environment and ensure streamlined organisational processes.

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Tourism Destinations

A rising number of people are travelling around the globe. Tourism is an important source of income for more and more destinations. The international growth of tourism requires new investments, smart plans and creative entrepreneurs and organisations that design the tourism of the future. This track focuses on conceiving, developing and managing tourism activities at destinations at home and abroad. You will be taught how you can make a destination analysis and work on creating ideas, concepts or solutions that will contribute to sustainable development of a tourism destination.

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Attractions & Theme Parks Management

The Attraction & Theme Park industry is rapidly growing and changing. Museums and science centres no longer focus exclusively on education, but are adding entertainment and experiential elements to their offerings in the form of themed exhibitions, interaction and attractions. Zoos are building more theme-based animal facilities and shopping centres are expanding by building attractions like aquariums and simulation games. At the same time, existing large attraction parks are evolving into holiday resorts featuring various hotels, entertainment centres and water parks. Gaining an edge over their competitors is now more important than ever for all these attractions. In this track, you will learn how you can add value to visitor experiences by developing new products and services. This track will be offered in conjunction with Hotel Management and Leisure Management.

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I am still very happy with my choice for NHTV

‘…We were assigned to go to Bali. We spent two weeks there, gathering information, enjoying the sun and the ocean, but most of all the atmosphere.’

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