Exchange programmes and double degree

Studying abroad for a while gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizons. You will live in an international environment, meet people with different cultural backgrounds and acquire knowledge. In addition, you will enhance your command of modern foreign languages. The long and the short of it is that studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity... Why not seize it?!

NHTV has built partnerships with a large number of universities all over the world which will be happy to accommodate your exchange. An exchange period lasts approximately 20 weeks. Possible countries are Spain, Australia, China, Italy, France, Ireland, Arizona (USA), Finland and Portugal.

Double degree

Furthermore, you have the possibility of a double degree programme. This means that you will study at a partner institution the last year of your studies. After graduating you will receive two degrees: NHTV’s and the partner institution's.

Double degree in Macau

'When the opportunity to study one year in Macau, China arose I didn’t doubt for one second and signed up!'

In his blog, Tim tells about his double degree programme in China.