Upon completion of your minor, you will work on a thesis in the final phase of your studies. You will write this thesis for an industry client or on a topic you choose yourself.

Graduating in a student training company  

NHTV offers you the opportunity of combining your graduation phase with a year of work experience in one of the student training companies. You will work for the training company 3 days a week, and you will work on your graduation assignment 2 days a week. An additional advantage is that you will acquire many industry contacts. 


Student training company Newways will give you an opportunity to spend your entire fourth year organising and executing study trips, events, and conferences, for internal as well as external clients.

As a member of the Newways team, which consists of 10 to 14 students, you will organise these events from beginning to end. You will deliberate with the client, have contacts with suppliers, negotiate about prices, develop the programme, handle all communication with the participants, and you will usually be there when the event is executed. 


Within student training company Young Tourism Professionals @ Work (YTP@Work), students work on industry assignments throughout the entire year. These assignments may vary from customer journey research and consultancy to creating, improving and/or analysing online marketing and communication strategies. 

Apart from completing the assignments, you – as a team – are responsible for MIYO-Travel, an online platform with the best holiday deals for students.  

You will work on the assignments together with at least 2 fellow students. The YTP@work team consists of 10 to 14 students.

Your own business  

Finally, you may graduate in your own business. Under the supervision of a lecturer, you will start your business. This is hard work, but entrepreneurs are typically very passionate about their business and want to be their own boss more than anything else. If you recognise yourself in this description, this will be just the challenge for you.  

Felice completed her thesis

'Wow, did I do that on my own? I’m proud of myself. My thesis, my work, but also the end of 4 years NHTV. I’m happy and sad at the same time.'

In her blog, Felice tells about the thesis period.