Paulina saved one year by entering the fast track

‘Hello hopefully soon-to-be-NHTV students! My name is Paulina and I study International Tourism Management at NHTV. I entered the fast-track programme, catching up on the entire official first year of the International Tourism Management programme, and as a result, I saved one year!

Tourism is, in my opinion, a great programme to attend at NHTV! You get to meet a lot of interesting people, visit interesting places, and learn a lot about how and where tourism works.

We have classes where we learn to analyse tourists and their behaviour, classes where we conduct research and analyse the output, and many more. We went on a field trip to Bali for a month to conduct research there. Next year I will have the opportunity to go on an exchange in the first semester and I will go on an internship during the second semester. During my studies here at NHTV, I have already gained a lot of experiences, both professional and personal (read 'fun' ) ones. Hope to see you soon at NHTV!'

Paulina Siebertz
Student International Tourism Management

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