Attractions & Theme Parks Management

One of the key success factors in this line of business is the ability towards continuous innovation. In this track you will learn to understand the market and develop business models for new products or services at existing attractions. You will learn how to enhance the visitor experience and you will learn about marketing, finances, personnel planning, hospitality and safety. As a future visitor attraction manager, you will also develop skills in the areas of communication, networking and negotiating. You will be working on real-life assignments drawn from the professional field. You will also have the opportunity to do your work placement at leading parks and resorts, such as Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and the Efteling.

Your future career

Graduates from the Attractions & Theme Parks Management track are equipped to enter careers in attraction parks, zoos and water parks, but also in smaller venues. Examples of positions you may hold are operational manager, marketer or project manager. Outside the Netherlands, the possibilities are endless. If you have international ambitions, this track will be just the right thing for you.  


In this video, coordinator Joyce Krielen gives more information on the Attractions & Theme Park Management track.


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