Tourism Destinations

Are you curious about the whys and wherefores of other cultures? Do you consider things from different perspectives and do you want to bring about change? Then the Tourism Destinations specialisation area would fit you perfectly!

What will you learn?

You will be extensively introduced to the world of tourism destinations. You will learn what a destination is and how you can consider a destination from different perspectives. You will gain an insight into the parties involved in the development of tourism at a destination and into the environmental, social, economic and cultural impacts of tourism. You will l earn how to carry out a destination analysis and set to work with ideas, concepts or solutions that contribute to the development of a tourism destination. The skills you will develop include areas like cooperation, analysis, argumentation, reflection and creation.


In addition to 6 general modules, you will attend 6 course modules which relate specifically to this specialisation area:

  • World of Destinations (an introduction)
  • Attractiveness of Destinations (what makes a destination attractive)
  • Tourism Impacts on Destinations (consequences of tourism )
  • Tourism Networks at Destinations (networks and interrelationships at destinations)
  • Tourism Destination Analysis (fieldwork at the destination)
  • Changing Destinations (creative solutions in terms of sustainable tourism)

Which companies are related to this specialisation area?

All organisations that are important in the development of tourism at destinations: regional and city marketing agencies, destination management companies (DMCs), tourist boards (NTOs), inbound tour operators and travel agencies, tourism consultancy firms, NGOs, airline companies, accommodation providers, independent entrepreneurs.

Examples: NBTC, I Amsterdam, Visit Brabant, Bali Convention Bureau, Unique World DMC London, Amsterdam RAI, AirBnB, Uniglobe, Green Choice, TEAM Consultants, Khiri Travel Myanmar, Barrio Life, Happy Trails Asia.


In this video, coordinator Maike van Breda gives more information on the Tourism Destinations track.