2009 Reunion

The 2009 reunion of the pre-master programme SBM took place in Maastricht, providing lecturers and students the possibility to meet again. During the event the deans of NHTV and Maastricht University signed an agreement, which allows SBM-graduates direct access into the master programmes offered Maastricht.

On Saturday, March the 21st 2009 a groundbreaking event took place for the academic pre-master of the NHTV. Graduates and current students of minor Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM) celebrated their reunion in Maastricht.

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The event took place in the beautiful location of the hotel Grand Hotel de L’Empereur, which had reserved the grand ballroom for officials of Maastricht and NHTV, lecturers, and last but not least former and current students of SBM. In total more than 60 people attended the reunion.

Sybille van Hoof, the course leader of SBM, opened the evening by presenting the graduates. Many have been, or still are, studying all over Europe: In London, Madrid, Maastricht, Brussels, Tilburg and Berlin - most of the students with excellent results and career opportunities.

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The day marked furthermore an important step in the cooperation with Maastricht University. Mr. Wicher Meijer, Academy Director of NHTV, and Prof. Jos Lemmink, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University Maastricht signed an agreement, which allows graduates of SBM direct access to all courses in International Business. Students of International Business can now profit from Maastricht University’s high reputation. Currently, the course occupy’s rank 25 in the Financial Times rating.

Prof. Jos Lemmink expressed his great enthusiasm over the SBM programme. Eleven former graduates of NHTV are presently studying in Maastricht. Sybille van Hoof praised the students for the good results they achieved so far in their master studies. 

During the following dinner the guests had time to get to know each other, and exchange experiences. “I really like the interaction between students”, explained Sybille van Hoof. “The current ones, and those who are already graduates. The evening provides everybody with the possibility to get to know each other, and exchange information.”

But not only students interacted. The officials of Maastricht readily answered questions especially current SBM students had concerning their future studies.

All in all, officials, lecturers and students enjoyed a very pleasant and evening. As Briek van Waes, lecturer for Business Administration in the SBM programme phrased it: “It is interesting to meet the students again, and see how they developed. I really enjoyed the evening!”