A challenging and highly valuable program

While this premaster course was challenging at times it proofed to be the best decision I have taken in the past years. Following the SBM premaster course enabled me to gain access to the “Business Intelligence Management” Master of Science track at Maastricht University and thus increases my career prospects to a great extent. Moreover, this program made me grow as a person; I learned to work under pressure, to prioritize some tasks over others and work more academically in general. I would definitely choose this premaster course again and recommend it to anyone who plans to follow a business-related career.

Lisa Herzog (Maastricht University)

Absolutely the best decision I could have made

The key reason for choosing Strategic Business Management and Marketing was the year I could gain, and the opportunity to fix the mistake I made, when not knowing that hbo is not an academic education. However, now I see that it was so much more than just that! The key thing I learned was to think critically, and always look for objectivity, which has completely shifted the way I receive information, and made me grow tremendously, not only academically, but also as a person. I am certain that this is absolutely the best decision I could have made. 


Double degree in Australia

I’ve been selected to take part in the double degree program with Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia from the University of Maastricht!! I’ll be going there in February.

Without the high standards of the pre-master, this wouldn’t have been possible so I’d like to thank the SBM team again!

Daphne Hermans

A time rewarding and evolving experience

I would like to thank you and the SBM team for all the support during my time in the SBM. 
It was truly a tough and challenging period for me coupled with times of desperation and thoughts of retreat. However, there is something in the spirit and atmosphere of the SBM that inspires to persevere and keep going. It might be the tireless support of you and your team for each individual student. It might be the drive of the fellow students who form a highly motivated group. It is definitely the combination of several factors that make the SBM a difficult but at the same time rewarding and evolving experience.

I am now ready and looking forward to further challenges during my career and going through the SBM experience, gives me the confidence to succeed.


About prejudices and success

After I finished the SBM Pre-master I started with the Master of Science HRM at University of Twente (UT). In the beginning it was sometimes difficult as we had to build groups for all classes and when students heard that I graduated at a University of Applied Sciences they did not want to be in a group with me since they thought they were smarter and better prepared.

Luckily, I was able to prove them wrong and when the second quarter started many students actually wanted to be in a group with me. They realized that NHTV and especially SBM is much different from most other Universities of Applied Sciences and that I was very well prepared indeed. Some students studied Psychology at UT and then followed the pre-master to be able to start their master at UT. Even those students told me that they feel that I was much better prepared with the SBM program than they were with the UT program. So, I am very proud to have done the SBM program and I think it helped me tremendously with my master!

Marina Joosten
Student MSc HRM University of Twente

I can now proudly look back

Knowing the SBM Pre-master would be a real personal challenge I can now proudly look back at the year and realise I passed the challenge and completed the mission. Even though at times it felt almost impossible to see the other side of that huge pile of books I am now the happy owner of an admission letter for a master program, a head full of business-oriented knowledge and a bunch of new smart friends. Definitely a tough but good choice!

Camilla Stahl
UM MSc Strategic marketing

I changed to a stronger focus on various management aspects

The SBM Pre-master provided me the opportunity to adjust my field of study. From tourism management during the first three years, I changed to a stronger focus on various management aspects during the SBM programme. While my original study of ITMC focussed upon the more practical aspects of managing the tourism industry, the academic pre-master improved my knowledge with the broader understanding on strategic insights. The SBM pre-master is a challenging programme, tough certainly, rewarding for those interested in having an academic master's degree in just one year after.

Els Roosen
UM MSc Organisation, change and consultancy

A valuable experience

Looking back to the last academic year I can say that it was a valuable experience I wouldn’t have missed. The international and positive atmosphere in the class stimulated our motivation to succeed. By going through periods with an intense workload, time passed by very quickly. But, at the end of the SBM program, we are well-prepared for future challenges.

Meike Stiller

Like a hiking trip

The SBM programme is like a hiking trip: the top is visible at all times, however the path towards it is steep, uncertain and full of difficulties. It is a constant battle between physical strength and the human mind. But it is all worth it because once you reach the top, the view is amazing.

Kely Blom

New horizons

SBM is a bridge which, when crossed, opens new horizons in the fields of knowledge. 
SBM is hard work, but also an invaluable and unforgettable experience. It is a challenge which is worth taking! 

Elena Stamova