Upcoming lecture

Sustainability lecture

Date: 11 October 2018
Time: from 11:50 to 13:30
Place: NHTV, Sibeliuslaan 13, Breda. Room S0.001
By: Speaker: Mr Iwan Göbel (founder and CEO of Burton Car Company)

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The lecturer

Iwan Göbel

Mr. Iwan Göbel is the founder and CEO of Burton Car Company which boasts an annual increase in turnover of 20% and puts 20 – 25 new products on the market every year. This makes Burton Cars one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands. Mr Göbel is a popular speaker who passionately addresses topics like entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, circular economy and realising a childhood dream. He has been described as an unorthodox and inspiring person who – in pursuing success - embraces values like passion, perseverance, courage and creativity.  

The lecture

Theme: Sustainability

During Sustainability Week companies, municipalities, associations and institutions (such as ours) all across the country organise activities that draw attention to the need for reflecting on the responsibilities we have towards our common future and for generations to come. Sustainability thinking applies to a vast array of issues such as climate change, the environment, our natural resources, pollution and waste, the impacts of economic growth on societal and planetary well-being, culture, business impacts on society and environment, and many more. Central to these issues are questions such as how should we go around with reducing our environmental footprint? How should we deal with the current concerns about the impact of climate change on the planet? How could we increase the living standards of people all over the globe? How can we engage in sustainable business while keeping on developing new products?

Especially the last question - about business and sustainability - will be addressed this year. Our speaker, CEO of Burton Car Company, is a very sought-after, passionate and inspiring person. He is Mr. Iwan Göbel and will introduce us to the journey he has made in realising a childhood dream, which eventually has lead him to being a successful business person, who manages to keep a balance between financial growth, innovation and sustainability, and being awarded ‘100% best entrepreneur in the Netherlands’ in 2005. He will testify, from his own experience, that it is possible to engage in successful business while keep on innovating and stay sustainable.