Audiovisual material

Is it permitted to upload films, for instance from YouTube, to another website, to ELO, or incorporate them in web lectures?
Much the same as articles and books, audio-visual sources such as image recordings (e.g. films, television shows, films on youTube) and audio recordings (e.g. radio fragments) are subject to copyright protection. That is why you always have to ask permission from the copyright holder(s) when you are considering to use/post a recording.

It is permitted to insert links to recordings, for instance a link to a YouTube film, provided that you are prepared to remove the link should the copyright holder have any objections to it. 

Furthermore, copyright holders can specify what they want or don’t want to happen to their works, for instance through a licence such as Creative Commons.
If there is such a licence, you should always conform to the guidelines concerned. If the planned use (e.g. posting a film on your own site) is in conformity with the licence, you don’t have to ask permission from the copyright holder(s).

How can I protect my own audio-visual recordings?
AIP recommends everyone to attach a Creative Commons licence to their recordings. A Creative Commons licence specifies which uses are allowed by the copyright holder concerned (just think of posting the material on other websites, provided that the source is acknowledged) and which uses require permission. For more information about which licence would suit your work, check out Creative Commons.