Using materials on N@tschool

Via this page you can let the Copyright Information Point know for which documents you would like to request permission to publish them on Natschool and/or NHTV intranet.
For a short introduction on this topic, please use our infographic.

Are you familiar with this procedure?
Yes? -->  go to the next step (to the application form)
If you are not familiar with this procedure, then you are advised to read the information below. 

When do you use the online web (application)form?  
Every employee of NHTV who is planning to include material, such as text, images, photos, and so on Natschool/Intranet or internet, is required  to ask Stichting Pro for permission when this material complies with the criteria of using extensive passages from copyright-protected works.
Stichting Pro will contact the publishing company concerned, and decide – in consultation with this publishing company – whether or not to grant permission, and if permission is granted, what fee will be charged. Through a webform you can ask permission for the use of the material you wish to publish. 

How long will it take before permission is granted?
On average, you will be informed of whether your standard request has been granted or refused within 1 or 2 working days.

What is the cost involved in the use of material for which permission has been granted?
Upon granting permission, Stichting Pro will propose a fee (based on the number of pages). If you multiply this fee by the number of students who will be given access to the material, you will know the total cost of the online publication of this particular text.

Please bear in mind that the budget holder of your academy / study programme has to approve the fee that Stichting Pro asks for the use of the material.
After having received permission, you will have 1 week to cancel your request free of charge but only if you have not published the material (online) yet. If you don’t use the material, and fail to cancel your request within this 1 week, Stichting Pro will charge NHTV the fee anyway.

How long will I be permitted to use the material I have published, after having been granted permission?
For every permission granted (for a long passage being copied) by Stichting Pro, the period of validity of publication will be 1 year. After 1 year permission for the use of the material will have to be requested again by means of the web form.

However the Copyright Information Point will send you a reminder email as soon as the permission request for the material you have published online is about to expire.

If you want to continue the procedure of asking permission, please go further to the next step (to the application forms)

When will you be allowed to publish the material online straight away without asking for permission?
If the material you wish to publish complies with the of using short passages (check criteria) from copyright-protected works, you will be allowed to publish this material without asking permission.

Please note: if the material you want publish online complies with the criteria for extensive passages and you publish this on Natschool and or NHTV Intranet, without asking permission, then you might be violating copyright. This could create large fines for NHTV.
When you are in doubt about whether the material is a long or short citation, please contact the Copyright Information Point.