Open access

Open access publishing is becoming increasingly common. Open access is receiving full attention from the Dutch government. Their goal is to have all Dutch academic publications freely available in 2024.

Open access (OA) provides free, digital access to the results of research (including academic research) to users and readers. This means that OA publications are not subject to the copyright restrictions that many publishers retain.

By making scientific publications freely accessible and reusable, we allow more people to become aware of the results of scientific/academic research; including those who cannot afford paid access to this information. New ideas are spread faster and wider which in turn leads to new research: a boost to science. Lecturers also benefit from Open Access by using this knowledge directly in their courses. Companies gain access to the latest scientific ideas and can build on these. And Open Access publishing and Open Science boost the knowledge-based economy and innovation. More about deals with publishers in The Netherlands (in Dutch)

NHTV Library has added several open access databases and publications to  the library collection, like for instance:

> DOAJ, Directory of OpenAccess Journals
> Ingenta Open, open access journals
> OpenDoar, open access journals
> SCIRP, open access journals

The NHTV library also advises researchers on various subjects within open access publishing (e.g. negotiations with publishers, open access criteria, open access journals). For questions please contact the CIP via