Re-use licences

A re-use licence specifies which uses of the material are allowed by the copyright holder concerned (for example posting the material on other websites, provided that the source is acknowledged) and which uses require permission.

Creative Commons licenses

One of the most well known types of re-use licenses are Creative Commons (CC) licenses, these are free and internationally accepted. Creative Commons allows creators to add a license to their work so they can protect their work from misuse.
And so they can share their work, without people having to ask for permission for the use of the work.

Creative Commons have created 6 licenses that can be added to a work.
Please view this webpage for more information on the different kind of CC licenses that are available.

Using works with a creative commons licenses

The website  of Creative Commons organisation also offers you the chance to find the works that have a Creative Commons license.

Via this link , you can for instance search in Google Images, flickr and Youtube on materials that have a creative commons re-use license.

By using a source with a re-license you will reduce your chances of violating copyright.
Why? Because you will using a source of which the copyright owner has already given permission for re-use.