Which considerations do I need to take into account – in terms of copyright – if I have written a publication in collaboration with other authors (co-authors)?

When you are working on 1 publication with several authors, all these authors will be the copyright holders of this publication. That is why it is important to establish whether the co-authored publication as a whole is divisible or indivisible.

Surf foundation has framed an explanation of what that means:
"You don’t need consent from your co-author(s) if: 

  • Your contribution is part of a joint publication, the individual parts of which belong together and have been made consistent with each other, but are still divisible.
  • The contributions of the individual authors can still be distinguished as individual.

If the publication involves joint indivisible co-authorship in which the individual contributions can no longer be distinguished from each other, you will always need permission from all authors if you want to do something with the publication".
(source: Surf, in Dutch )