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How can I pay my fine in the library?

You can pay your fine by means of your chip card, debitcard (pin) or your smartcard. 

Category: Fines
What is the fine for late return of library materials?

When the loan period has passed, the borrower concerned will be notified by mail. The fines for late returns are as follows:

1 week late: € 1.00 for each item returned late
2 weeks late: € 2.50 for each item returned late
3 weeks late: € 5.00 for each item returned late

After a week after the 3rd reminder, the borrower will be sent an invoice for materials returned late via TNT Post, including an administration fee of € 6.50 for each item. If the materials are returned after this 3rd reminder, the invoice will be cancelled, but the administration fee will still have to be paid.

Category: Fines
Can I still borrow or renew items when I have received a return reminder?

Yes, you can. However, when your fine is already 10 euro's or more it's not possible anymore. You will first have to return the overdue item and pay the fine, before you are allowed to borrow or renew items again.

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