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Need a book that isn't in the NHTV Library collection?

Are you doing desk research or a literature study, and are you looking for a book that you can’t find in the library collection?

Three options are open to you:
1.Contact the library’s information specialists to find out if it’s possible for the library to purchase the book. 
2. Request a copy of the book  from another library. You can do so by means of a special account via the Picarta database. For more information, please contact the library in your own NHTV building.
3. New!: sign up for membership – at a serious discount - of the largest library of our country: the National Library of the Netherlands!

As an NHTV student, you will only pay € 7.50 for a whole year of access to, for instance, the very extensive e-book collection of the National Library!
NHTV employees can gain access to the collection of the National library for 15 euro per year.

Via E-book Central of the National Library, you can then digitally borrow 3 e-books per week.
Registrations is possible via this website.

Please note! If you apply for membership of the National Library, you will be required to use your NHTV e-mail address, because this is how the National Library will be able to verify that you are actually a student of NHTV.
If you have any questions or need more information about these options, please send an e-mail to

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If I place an IBL request with another library in the Netherlands, how long will it take for the requested item(s) to arrive?

About a week, but it depends on if the requested materials are out on loan or not available for loan. In that case the request is forwarded to another library. Nearly all libraries of universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as a large number of public libraries in the Netherlands, participate in the IBL system.

If you made a request for a journal article in digital form, this pdf will be send directly to your NHTV mailadres.

Category: Interlibrary loan

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