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I can't open a full-text article

This problem could be caused by Internet Explorer 11 Add-on "Shockwave". Go to Tools > manage Add-on> and > disable Adobe Shockwave Flash.

You can also try to open the article in an other browser like Google Chrome.

Can I also consult Journals at home?

Yes, a lot of our journals are full-text available on our website. The digital archives you can access at home are marked with:
Remote Access
Go to ‘Journals', select 'all journals' or directly select your academy and choose the journal you want to use. Log in with your student or employee number and your own password.

Category: Journals/Magazines
Can I also borrow journals?

Yes, you can borrow the latest and back issues from the current year for a weeks period. Only at Library Hopmansstraat, Archimedestraat and Claudius Prinsenlaan!!! This is indicated with a yellow sticker on the cover.

Not lendable are:

  • Bound journals
  • Journals at Library Sibeliuslaan
Category: Journals/Magazines

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