New consumers

Nowadays, people are driven much more by values of self-expression rather than those of rudimentary survival. They have a deep need to make sense of their lives in ways that are unique and personal. One of the most distinct ways in which this is manifested, is the new individual’s consumption and participation pattern, by means of their choices they create their own identity.


Business organisations continue to answer these new consumption patterns with the standard logic of traditional enterprise. This logic, called ‘managerial capitalism’ helped businesses to be successful in the past century. Now, the chasm between today’s individuals and today’s commercial organisations leads to a 'transaction crisis'. The fundamental changes in the nature of consumption today will be tomorrow’s changes in the nature and purpose of business. This change will affect the underlying logic of capitalism itself and it will pave the way for major transformations within the enterprise logic of many organisations.

Aim of the programme

The executive master in Imagineering is designed for professionals who are responsible for strategic matters, e.g. innovation managers, marketing managers, communication managers, human resources managers, general directors and entrepreneurs. The programme has been set up to educate business innovation oriented professionals to become imagineering experts who:

  • understanding conditions in which organizations may require a design intervention;
  • increasing awareness of multiple ways for orchestrating organizational development;
  • developing the personal competencies needed to design an imaginative narrative for adaptive management;
  • reflexive understanding of your own approaches and responses to development.