Study load and coaching

Study load

The total study load is 60 ECTS (1 ECTS = approximately 28 hours a week).

The contact hours will be divided over 10 weekend sessions. A weekend session contains 2,5 day each: a Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday.

Although the exact dates still need to be determined, the main focus of the theoretical part of the programme will be during the first 7 to 8 months of the programme. The graduation phase will take at least 10 weeks, but it is possible to extend this, to spread the workload over a longer period.

Study coaching

The executive master in Media Innovation offers you a small-scale study environment as the number of students involved in the master are limited. For questions on the content of the programme, lecturers can be easily reached. Besides, the Programme Coordinator is available to help with day-to-day issues.