Course Details

The programme is structured in four terms, each consisting of ten weeks. At the end of every term students present their work and progress is evaluated.

Research & Development

Until the final term students follow research courses covering general research methodologies, game related research, but also presentation skills and thesis writing. These courses are concluded by assignments.

Master classes

Throughout the programme students are able to participate in expert groups and attend various master classes by Master in Game Technology course staff and industry professionals on specific themes/topics on a ‘want to know’ base. Topics may include: procedural arts, production tools, usability, technical art, image synthesis and/or character design.

Individual and/or multidisciplinary project

During your course year, students work on their own individual or multidisciplinary projects. At the end of every term students present their work and progress will be evaluated.

Supervision on an individual basis

Students will be supervised by an individual lecturer of the master’s programme. Students and supervisor have regular work sessions. Supervisors take on the role as ‘facilitators or mentors’ of learning. Besides, representatives from the industry will be involved on a regular basis to provide feedback.

Final project/graduation

At the end of the programme, students will have completed one or more focused projects with opportunities for industry feedback and evaluation. They will have done this either individually or in a small multidisciplinary team. The final work is presented in a master’s thesis.