Master Imagineering in 1 year

In a creative economy there is a growing need for high level professionals who can create and innovate value from the experience perspective. This English-taught master’s programme in Imagineering is designed as a methodology for that new ‘outside-in enterprise logic’.


Imagineering, value creation and value innovation from the experience perspective is a new approach towards the trinity of branding. It is a way to discover a new kind of convergence between consumers’ desires, technological capabilities and organisational innovations. Imagineering, value creation and value innovation are the fundamental processes of the creative economy. They are methods of finding ‘a blue ocean of uncontested market space’ - a space that inspires stakeholders to co-create.


The Master’s programme in Imagineering focuses on the specific concept of designing for organizational emergence using the imagination to involve other stakeholders as co-designers of the future. The Master’s programme offers you a deeper theoretical insight in issues of organizational design in the context of enterprise logic transformation. It enables you to develop analytical, pro-active, problem-solving attitudes and design-skills towards these issues. Next to this, you develop knowledge and skills required to design and implement professional advice in an organizational and cross-cultural setting. Further, expertise to innovate, participate and lead processes of collaboration, creativity, and emergence are built and strengthened through this master’s programme in Imagineering.

Your career?

This master’s programme has been set up to educate business innovation oriented students to become Imagineering experts who:

  • understanding conditions in which organizations may require a design intervention;
  • increasing awareness of multiple ways for orchestrating organizational development;
  • developing the personal competencies needed to design an imaginative narrative for adaptive management;
  • reflexive understanding of your own approaches and responses to development.

Increase your effectiveness as a designer in dealing with multiple aspects of organizational (and societal) development.

Why study Imagineering at NHTV Breda


Have a look at this video about Imagineering alumna Anne-Loes