After your master

Graduates of Tourism Destination Management qualify for:

International Policy & Advisory positions

  • international advisory functions related to feasibility analysis of investment projects, business strategy and market penetration or development
  • public strategic functions in the field of development and management of (tourism) destination areas
  • advisory and management functions in the field of visitor management in urban areas, theme parks and nature reserves
  • strategic advisory functions

International Management positions

  • international (growth related) management functions in internationally operating businesses (like service companies, hotel chains, tour operators, airline companies)
  • international Marketing Management functions, with destination management organisations or (tourism) marketing consultancy agencies
  • international Consultancy positions, either project-based or permanently in commercial consulting or international development organisations

Research positions

  • research functions in the area of international (new) market development, market segmentation or market potential analysis
  • research functions with branch organisations such as WTO, PATA, Govt. Tourism Boards and Destination Management / Marketing Organisations
  • external advisory functions in the area of international corporate, financial and organisational development for small and medium-sized companies

TDM alumnus Nicole Heidenreich

Nicole was convinced that she would stay on Bali for 4 months - but she got involved in several projects and got stuck on Bali.

Read more about her projects and experiences.       

TDM alumnus Frank Murangwa

Frank is currently working as a Senior Officer in charge of Accommodation and Catering in the Tourism Department at Rwanda Development Board.

Read more about his experiences and current career