Phase 3: Dissertation

By writing a dissertation during the last phase of the programme, you apply your research skills and demonstrate a true understanding of tourism destination management from a professional and academic point of view. You are required to demonstrate critical analysis and evaluation. The dissertation uses concepts, insights and practical abilities to develop a better understanding of the subject under investigation. A dissertation is an individual assignment, carefully supervised by one of the NHTV lecturers.

Final thesis

Producing a dissertation is an independent process. While producing you demonstrate your ability to do research and understand a topic of your choice in the field of your preceding education in and outside NHTV. This challenge, when undertaken thoroughly, can be a difficult but a very rewarding one as well.

Dissertation subjects

A dissertation is a major commitment of time and energy. The dissertation subject, as a consequence, often personally motivates and interests the student and (new) ideas of students can be openly discussed with the NHTV staff. In principle the dissertation subject should be a topic or an issue in an international tourism context. Students have to ensure, however, that the research idea is both appropriate and feasible. The dissertation should be written in English, unless another language is really more appropriate.

Cooperation with an external commissioner

You can opt for writing a dissertation in close cooperation with an external commissioner. This enables you to closely cooperate with international tourism organisations and therefore adds an additional and professional dimension to the research project. However, many students write an independent research and travel to a tourism destination to study their subject in-depth. Working without an external commissioner often ensures a more independent, and also critical, research product with interesting academic views.

Location of research

Conducting a research and writing a dissertation in this third phase can be done anywhere in the world. The final (oral) examination takes place in the Netherlands.