Application procedure

You have decided on a course of study , now it’s time for you to apply. Make sure you register before the deadline:

  • For EU/EEA students: 15 August
  • For non-EU students: 1 June

How do I apply?

Please be sure to apply for your preferred programme as early as possible. You can already apply if you do not have the diploma of your Bachelor’s degree  yet. 

The application consists of two steps:

  1. registration in Studielink, the national administration system for higher education in the Netherlands
  2. application at the Student Office of NHTV

steps 1, 2 voor Leisure studies

Step 1: Registration in Studielink

You are to apply through Studielink, the application and enrolment portal provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Education. 

Please note: in Studielink, select Universiteit (in the English version: University) when asked for the Onderwijsinstelling (English version: Institution of Higher Education)

  • Go to Studielink;
  • Login to your account or create an account if you currently do not have one. You will have access to your own personal Studielink page;
  • Click on ‘Add previous education’ and add the previous education that provides admission to the study programme of choice;
  • Click on ‘Add new enrolment’ or ‘Enrolment application’;
  • Select your preferred programme and confirm your choice;
  • Enter the starting month in which you would like to start your programme and confirm;
  • Answer the study programme-specific questions;
  • Tick the confirmation box and confirm your application;
  • You can track the status of your application on your personal Studielink page. If any input from your side is required, you will be informed via email.

Step 2: Apply via the NHTV Osiris Online Application portal

  1. After applying for a master programme in Studielink, you will receive an email inviting you to follow up on your Studielink enrollment by applying in the NHTV Online Application Portal.
  2. In the Online Application Portal you will be requested to answer additional questions and upload your application documents; CV, motivation letter, ID, your bachelor documents including transcript of records or a transcript of records with your latest results / overview in case you still need to obtain your bachelor’s diploma.
  3. Once the admissions officer has checked your educational background, you will be asked to submit the programme specific assignment. More information about this assignment will be provided by that time.
  4. After submitting the assignment, the assignment will be assessed by the academy.
  5. If the assignment is considered to be suitable for the master programme, you will receive an email that you are admitted to the programme.
  6. In case of conditional admission, you will be requested to upload your bachelor diploma documents and/or English test results in a later stage in your personal portal. These documents will need to be uploaded at once.


Student Office will contact you with the outcome of your application as soon as possible.


For further assistance with the application procedure you may contact