Course details

Phase I - Master course on Leisure in a Network Society

All five master courses in this initial phase will have a dynamic set-up in the sense that they are positioned within the context of Leisure in a Network Society. The master courses centre on the three main current research programmes in Leisure: Storytelling, Imagineering and Place-making.

  • Leisure, Creativity and Space
    This master course discusses recent insights into the processes of globalisation, mediafication and commercialisation and their impact on the changing role of leisure in the design of public and private places and spaces.
  • Understanding Leisure Attractions and Events
    Recent insights and research in the field of change management, innovation, networks, co-creation, attractions, theme parks, and ‘eventful cities’ are the key ingredients of this master course.
  • Imagineering as Strategic Design in Leisure Organisations
    Central themes of this master course include strategic management, value creation, and strategic design. Students are introduced to the theoretical foundations of Imagineering and their application in the creative industries.
  • Experience Marketing
    As marketing is a key instrument in the leisure industry, the master course in Experience Marketing will immerse students into the field of marketing and market research, zeroing in on the leisure industry and the experience economy. The pros and cons of various research techniques, such as web surveys, is one of the topics addressed in this course.
  • Analysing Leisure Interactions
    Students are introduced to the field of practice theories and core concepts of leisure studies. Students work in groups to study issues related to authenticity, new media or happiness.

Phase II - Master's thesis

To ensure a smooth progression from the course and content phase (phase I) to the thesis phase (phase II), students will first attend the Seminar Leisure Studies to select and elaborate a thesis topic. A structured process leads to the finalisation of the individual thesis proposal. Their proposal culminates in a research thesis on a theme which has scientific and societal relevance.