Course details

The pre-master year is split up into two semesters.

First semester

  • Labour, Care and Leisure:
    People want a career, quality time with their families and fulfilling leisure activities. Increasingly, the problem is that there is too little time to accomplish all this. This course addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of this problem.
  • Sociology of Leisure
    Sociology is about how people form societies. We will focus on the role of leisure in our societies, for instance, how we learn to become part of our society through sports.
  • Research Methods: Surveys
    In this course, students acquire the methodological and statistical competencies necessary to become competent researchers, specifically for survey research.
  • Real-life Project
    During this project, students will design and conduct real-life survey research in the field of leisure - techniques that are learned in the course ‘Research Methods: Surveys’.
  • Research Lab
    Research Lab is a virtual environment in which students work on academic writing and qualitative research knowledge and skills.

Second semester

  • Leisure and Urban Development
    The core of this course is an analysis of what in the literature is typified as an ‘event city’. How can we understand its formation? How is this related to underlying economic, political and socio-cultural relations?
  • Innovation and Change
    This course is on innovation and change processes in the leisure sector: organisational change, innovation and change management, sustainable value creation and creating an innovative organisation.
  • Research Methods: Data Analysis
    This course explores a wide range of commonly used data analysis techniques for the social sciences: regression, ANOVA, factorial designs, path analysis modelling and non-parametric statistics.
  • Thesis
    Students will carry out their own statistical analyses on existing large-scale data sets in order to answer a number of relevant questions about leisure behaviour.