NHTV & copyright

What is the official position of NHTV with regard to copyright and intellectual property rights of students and lecturers?
NHTV's official position on the intellectual property of students and lecturers/researchers is available via NHTV intranet. Both documents are only available in Dutch:
Document for NHTV employees.
Document for NHTV students.

What is my position as a NHTV employee? Am I, as a NHTV employee, free to discuss copyrights with publishers?

No, you are not. Employees of NHTV who create a publication or another product (just think of films, photos, text files, etc.) within the framework of their job or during work hours are not the copyright holders of these products. NHTV is the copyright holder of these works, so employees are not free to offer their publications to a publisher or other organization.

In other words, employees are not permitted to make decisions about the reproduction or republication of their works. Only NHTV,represented by the Academy Managers, is permitted to make decisions of this sort, possibly in consultation with the creator.

The position of NHTV regarding copyrights  is based upon the Collective employment agreement for the Higher Professional education sector. New editions of the collective employment agreement are published in English and in Dutch on the website of Vereniging Hogescholen.