What is CIP?

NHTV's Copyright Information Point (CIP) gives information and advice on copyright issues to students and employees of NHTV. You can contact the CIP, via e-mail with questions about copyright, intellectual property rights, publishing and open access etc.

How long will it take for CIP to answer my question?
The CIP will try to answer your question, sent to us via e-mail, within one week. If we are unable to answer your question within this term, one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

Who are part of the CIP?
The daily representation of the CIP is made up of Annuska Graver, Library Manager, Marjolein Verheijen, information specialist, librarian Helma van Noije and for administrative processes Sandra van Hoof. They are supported by other library officers, and for the purpose of specific questions, they draw on the expertise of specialists.

Do all libraries of higher education institutions in the Netherlands offer a CIP service?
NHTV's Copyright Information Point is affiliated with a national network, which consists of the copyright information points of libraries of higher education institutions. The members of this network get together a couple of times a year to discuss all processes and questions with regard to the CIP and they  are supported by Surf in Utrecht.

Why does the CIP use a disclaimer?
The aim of the NHTV CIP is to refer employees and students of NHTV to places where they can find answers to their questions. The CIP's advice is not binding. That is why a disclaimer is necessary to explain the extent of CIP's responsibility for the answers and information it provides via the web pages.

Are you unable to find the answer to your question on our website?
Then ask your question via e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.