Discover your Future track kick off

On 4 September, 7 enthusiastic prospective students started on the Discover your Future track, offered by AfT and SLM. On Monday 28 August, an information session was held at NHTV for the participants of this orientation track, accompanied by their parents. The session was a perfect opportunity for some introductions and final information sharing.

Discover your Future is a new initiative, partially developed thanks to a Comenius Teaching Fellow grant, which is awarded to educational innovation projects focusing on promoting equal opportunities in education. Prospective students who are not sure about what kind of degree they want to pursue, are provided with an intensive preparation in terms of further study options and the attendant professional fields. The track lasts 4 months, and participants attend courses at NHTV (one day a week) and gain work experience in a paid position in the logistics or tourism industry (four days a week).

On Mondays they are offered skills training sessions and workshops at NHTV, and additionally, they will be working on a project. What's more, the participants will receive both group and individual coaching. Randstad Recruitment Agency will arrange paid positions for them - in the professional field of their chosen discipline - for the other four days of the week. The aim of all this is to thoroughly prepare the students in a couple of months' time for their future academic and professional careers.

If the prospective students opt for a degree programme upon completion of the orientation track, this will mean that NHTV has the advantage of welcoming some highly motivated students who have made a well-considered decision for the degree programme concerned. In this way, the academies are hoping to reduce drop-out rates in the propaedeutic phase.