Lecture exchange by Lillebaelt University

Last May 2017, Ellen Houmøller (lecturer from Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt in Odense, Denmark) visited NHTV’s Media program for an Erasmus+ lecture exchange. Her aim was to get inspired by the way of teaching at our Media (IMEM) program. 

“After my arrival in Breda I realised that the city is a small, wonderful and very charming city with a medieval centre with a lot of restaurants and cafés – and a lot of young people as well. And when I came to NHTV I immediately saw, that this university was at an international level. Everybody was speaking English -  teachers and students, and teachers were from many different countries – and so were the students. So even if NHTV is situated in a small city in a small country it has a very profound international attitude and standard as far as I can see.

This visit at NHTV gave me so much new inspiration to my teaching and I have learned a lot about how to make use of “professional skills” in my teaching as well. In general, it seemed to me, that NHTV has a rather large number of teachers with a close relation to the industry. If it is the case, it must inevitably create a positive impact on both the teaching and the outcome for the students in order to get jobs.”