Successful visit to Ubisoft in Paris

The first year of the educational collaboration between Ubisoft and NHTV has been a great success culminating in two excellent VR games showcased in Paris at Ubisoft’s Innovation Lab last week. Being the only international partner there, NHTV’s Games programme presented two VR games, Da Vinci’s Workshop based on Assassin’s Creed and Raving Rabbids Party Crash where you guide the Rabbids safely to the party.

These two games have been developed in the year long 3rd year project where large student teams are put to the test and have input from Ubisoft along the way.

Ubisoft selected three other games from NHTV for the show. These included Kabounce, a team versus team multiplayer pinball game where you are the ball. Bolt Storm, a medieval action dungeon crawler with army combat and rogue-like elements. And The Red Stare, a room-scale VR game set in the 1950s where you are an agent on the lookout for communist spies.

“We were invited by Ubisoft to the Ubi Innovation Lab in Paris to showcase our university project and represent the Games academy of the NHTV. Received a lot of valuable feedback, games were fun, food was great, and sleep was nonexistent. Great end to an amazing year-long project! Thanks everyone!”, Wesley van den Bosch, Raving Rabbids team.

“Showing our multiplayer pinball game Kabounce to Ubisoft developers was both an honour and a privilege. Having experienced developers who work on AAA Ubisoft titles enjoy our game was an exciting opportunity. We met great developers, had a lot of fun, and got incredible feedback on our title in the process”, Tim Baijens, Stitch Heads.

With the recent success of Bolt Storm and The Red Stare at the Dutch Game Awards 2017, along with the success of the Ubisoft collaboration, the underlying new educational approach has been important in making this happen. We are now venturing into the second year of collaboration with Ubisoft and are looking forward to seeing what great games come out of NHTV IGAD. We are always looking for new partners so if interested please contact Robbie Grigg for more information.

To find out more about each of the games see: