Report: leisure sector in Brabant is growing

​The Brabant leisure sector has grown rapidly since 2013, according to a report by Dynamic Concepts consultancy and NHTV.

In 2013 the Provincial States of Noord-Brabant formulated the 'policy framework and implementation agenda leisure sector 2013-2020'. The main ambition of this framework was to develop Brabant into the most innovative and hospitable province of the Netherlands. In 2013, Vrijetijdshuis Brabant wrote a baseline measurement.

In the new report, the situation in 2013 is compared to the situation in 2017. The report addresses five indicators:

  • the short-break market in Brabant
  • the market for business trips and business meetings that last more than one day
  • the expenditures in Noord-Brabant
  • added value and jobs
  • process: support and status policy

The report is partially based on an input-output analysis which was conducted by Jeroen Klijs of the Academy for Tourism. Some conclusions:

  • despite a national decrease, the number of short-breaks in Noord-Brabant has slightly increased
  • the expenditures of international tourists have increased by € 10 per visitor per stay
  • the number of visiting Belgian and German tourists has strongly increased
  • the number of jobs in the sector has increased by 22%

You can read a summary in Dutch on the website of NRIT Media. You can read the full report here (in Dutch).